Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Goma Miso Chicken

It seems like it has been a while since I posted my last recipe, so today I'm posting two. Things have been a bit crazy around here the past couple of weeks. It hasn't helped that the computer has been acting up, causing the drive that holds all my recipes to be unavailable. Plus, I've been fighting morning sickness, which doesn't help my blogging about food when food just doesn't sound good at all right now. Let's just say my plans to run the Boulder Bolder are on hold for at least another year. OK, more on that life change later.

Now, back to the Japanese home cooking.

One of my favorite flavors in Japanese cooking is the combination of miso and toasted sesame seeds. You can put it on anything from vegetables to fish to chicken. I've been playing around with this sauce lately since I've had a craving for miso. As I mentioned in my last post, my family loves miso and toasted sesame seed sauce on their green beans and we eat that variation at least once a week. I had not seen anyone in the family use it on chicken yet, possibly because my father-in-law doesn't even like chicken. Anyway, I decided to play around and this is what I came up with.

Goma Miso Chicken

2 chicken thighs, cut up in bite sized pieces

2 tblsp/30ml sesame oil

½ cup/120ml of water

2 tblsp/30ml aka miso (any miso will work, red is preferred in our family)

2 tblsp/30ml toasted white sesame seeds - milled

In a skillet or heavy saute pan, add in the oil and heat it until it is smoking hot. Take the cut up chicken pieces and saute them until cooked through.

Add the water and get all the pan juices up from the bottom of the pan before adding the miso.

Turn down the heat to medium low so as not to overcook the miso. (Miso contains probiotics and cooking it at a high heat will distroy those good bugs.) Stir until the miso is disolved.

Add in the milled sesame seeds and continue to stir until the sauce thickens. It is now ready to serve.

Serve on bed of quinoa (rice or GF pasta would work too). One variation of this dish that can make this a one dish meal is to add some frozen vegetables at the same time you add the water to the chicken. Enjoy.

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