Monday, March 21, 2011

Inspired Okara Pancakes (Hotcakes)

Hot off the pan.

This recipe came by way of some inspiration from fellow blogger, Hiroyuki of Japan. He's been playing with some different ways to use okara (the leftover bean mash from tofu making) so I played with the pancake recipe he had recently posted for Okara Pancakes.

He used a pancake mix, but I just took my pancake recipe and played with the amounts a little bit. They turned out good, as I had sweetened them up for the kids. However, I think they would be really good without the added sugar and and topped with adzuki bean paste instead of my usual brown rice syrup.

Filled with chocolate chips for one boy.

Inspired Okara Pancakes (Hotcakes)
(all amounts are by volume)

1 cup/235ml fresh made okara
1 cup/235ml brown rice flour
1/2 cup/120ml applesauce
1 tbsp/15ml brown sugar
1/2 tsp/2.5ml salt
1 tsp/5ml cream of tartar
1/2 tsp/2.5ml baking soda
1 tsp/5ml guar gum
2 tbsp/30ml flax seed-milled in coffee grinder
6 tbsp/90ml hot water
2 cups/470ml plain hemp milk or milk of choice

Combine flax seed and hot water in a small bowl and set aside (or use 2 large eggs if you prefer).

Combine all dry ingredients and blend well, making sure to break up any lumps in the brown sugar. Add in the okara, flax seed mixture, applesauce, and the hemp milk. Blend well for 1-2 minutes.

Pour out on a hot and oiled pan or griddle (I use cast iron). This is a good place to add in chocolate chips or blueberries. Prepare as you would any other pancake and enjoy.

I'll let you know if I do make the adzuki bean version.


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