Friday, March 11, 2011

Thoughts Fly Toward My Second Home

Kanagawa Prefecture One Year Ago

I am sure that all of you have heard of the devastating quake and tsunami that hit the Pacific coast of Japan Friday. It has been hard not to watch the images scroll across the TV and internet as the images are vibrant and shocking, pulling on the heartstrings even if you don't have friends or family in the area.

If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you know that my husband's family is still over there. They live in Yokohama, which thankfully is in a protected area near Tokyo and has not seen the massive waves that have affected much of the area to the north. Phone lines are still down and information of the area is sketchy since most of the news focus' on Tokyo and not the nearby areas. I've had the NHK World News running on my computer all evening, hoping for information. Needless to say, when your heartstrings are attached to something, it pulls all the more.

Hopefully we will hear soon from family and friends in the area as soon as phone lines are restored. The thing that the people of Japan need the most right now is prayers and aid. You can contribute to the later through the International Federation of Red Cross. I will be following this closely for obvious reasons and will let you know if there are any other ways to help as they become available.